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    May 24, 2011
    I move around alot. Currently in MI
    Ok so my phone was working fine, and then I went to a friends house to stay for a few nights and i plugged my phone into her laptop with MY OWN usb cord, i noticed that it didn't pop up in her itunes to sync or not, but I just dismissed it cause I just needed it to charge cause i didn't have my adapter. I noticed that it wasn't charging right, and Id had to go jiggle the cord every now and then to get it charging again. So once I got home I wanted to sync more music on my phone from my own laptop but itunes nor my computer (windows vista) won't recognize it and i WAS getting a notice popping up saying unknown port can't detect and something about my device being malfunctioned.
    Also I did have to jiggle the cord a bit for it to charge, through the adapter or laptop, now it doesn't charge through the adapter and it does charge through my laptop if I jiggle the cord enough but my laptop/itunes doesn't recognize it.

    Is my phone defective or the cord? Im not tech savvy. Help please :/
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