iPhone 3G wont start,shuts off after apple logo

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  1. ronniequiamco macrumors newbie

    May 17, 2011
    Hi everyone
    Im in need of a major iphone expert help here.
    Cant suggest i go to apple stores cz this phone has been out of warranty now.and i didnt purchase no apple care for it too.

    My iPhone 3G has been dead since december 2010,
    I remember correctly that i was using the iphone facebook app,then everything froze.
    What i did was i pressed the standby button,held it in hopes that it would restart the phone.
    The problem is i cudnt remember whether i held the home button at the same time,
    I recently learned that it puts the phone into recovery mode or something? (cnt rmmbr,correct me if im wrong)

    It turns off,then it refuses to come back on.
    Im stuck at the apple logo only,it shows up for a while,then the iphone goes back off.

    Major problem:
    1) in that same month,my cat damaged my usb cable,so i didnt backup a huge deal of data,i was gonna get a new one but yeah,the phone died before i could get new usb.

    Tried charging the phone with an iphone 4 cable to see if its battery,same thing happens, it comes on showing the apple logo,then it goes off.left it e whole nit hopin it wud charge,bt same thing happens.
    Connected it to the laptop,with the iphone 4 cable,the laptop cnt detect it, even my mac book pro.
    My reason is that its useless to buy a cable for iphone 3g jst to see if it could come bCk on (theyre the same though,right? Correct me if im wrong)

    The main reason why i want to fix the phone is to get the precious data in it,pics,contacts,messages,even the apps. I cudnt careless about the phone right nw,just the data.is there a way i can do this? (actually id love to use the phone still,cuz i knw it cud come bCk on if i clean it.)

    I never jailbroken the phone or whatsoever.

    Somebody gave me an option,but it helps with the phone functioning only but not the preservation of the data (he suggested i clean everything up and reinstall the OS all over.

    Cn anyone help???

    I really want the data,after retrieving em,i plan to clean up everything and restore.i just want the data badly.

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