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    Hello there buddies! Well, i'm from Brazil and you may know that here the Apple Support does not work as 'perfect' as it is in US or Europe... here, very recently we faced a 'Real Support' for the iPhone 4S but very far from what you live there.

    Well... my brother has an iPhone 3G that suddenly stopped working. It started with a bad Wifi (that only worked close to the router) and the next step was that we could only use the phone within the Speakers or the Earphone. As i mentioned, the Support here suckz :(, so we took the iPhone to a regular support store and the guy told us that we should exchange the Flat Cable inside the iPhone. That would cost us around 140 US dollars (290 brazilian reais). We thought the price was too damn high, so i went for a couple of internet forums that explained how to exchange the Internal Flat Cable.

    We bought the cable and exchanged. The iPhone started perfectly, except for the Wifi. Well, my brother just accept the fact of using Wifi only at home and continued to use the iPhone. Phone sound issue was resolved (maybe not).

    After a couple of days, maybe a week, the iPhone just went off and never came back. We tried everything possible (this happened about 2 months ago) and the last option was to let the battery completely off and put it back to the wall charger again. Nothing. Opened the iPhone, checked the cables. Nothing. Tried the DFU mode. Nothing.

    This week i was looking for something and tried the DFU within the iTunes. Well, it CONNECTED and make the sound of connection, but the iTunes won't recognize it and showed a white screen with a small lock on the right corner. No possibility to restore through iTunes. Also, nothing on the display as well.

    Basically, right now it connects on the PC and makes the sound as it was just connected, but it doesn't recognize within iTunes and no 'expression' on the display as well.

    Any clues?!

    --- Thank you very much just for the opportunity to share my problems here! This is the last place i'm looking for to resolve this. Otherwise, i'll just put it into the trash can ---



    Oh, and BTW... i know you may think: Damn, that guy still uses an iPhone 3G!?!?!?!

    Well... let's just say that a 3GS here in Brazil costs around 250 US Dollars and that's a price not everyone can pay for a phone that you may loose on the first corner. :)

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