Iphone 3g won't sync apps from itunes

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    Nov 15, 2008
    I recently attempted a jailbreak and at some point i done a restore on my iphone 3g. Long story short, i restored my phone and it seems to work fine - syncing downloaded and bought music is no problem and absolutely everything on the phone works fine. BUT...
    When i sync the apps from my itunes library to my phone it looks like everything is working and right at the end it says the apps could not be added because an unknown error occurred. I have rang apple support and they said it might be my itunes store connection because it was faulty. so i fixed the connection on my pc and i can connect fine now but i still cannot sync apps.
    However this is only a problem for apps that i have already downloaded before doing a restore of my phone. If i download an app from the app store on my phone that i have never downloaded before it works fine but if i do the same with a previously downloaded app it downloads but says i must connect to itunes to complete installation of the app etc and when i do that it just doesn't work.

    Can anyone think of what mite be the problm here?

    Just to let you know i have a PC running windows XP and i have the very latest version of itunes, latest iphone firmware and the latest updates on all the apps i want.
    Thanks if you can help :)

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