iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 keeps restarting after attempting to jailbreak


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Feb 4, 2011
So my Cydia wasnt loading on my iPhone 3GS so I tried to jailbreak it again so I wouldn't lose all my apps, as it happens, it now just keeps rebotting on and off.

I know I can restore in recovery mode, but the thing is I have all my contacts and alot of pictures on the phone which I dont want to lose... I didn't back up on itunes either...

Is there any way I can retrieve my contacts and pictures from my iphone? Can I open the iphone and access the harddrive in anyway? Can I use some app that will access the files on the iphone even if its switching on and off?

Note I also have another iPhone (3g) in case that may help...

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Can I use another jailbreak tool that can jailbreak successfull this time? Note that I had OS 3.1.2 running and I tried to jailbreak using blackra1n
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