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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jbtaylor, Jun 9, 2009.

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    I got the 3G when it launched last year in July. I will be adding on my brother to my account soon... he is considering the iPhone. Does anyone know if AT&T would allow me to open up a new line with the 3GS, move my line over to this phone, and assign the "new line" to my old 3G? So it'd basically be a swap... AT&T gets the same amount of money but I get the new phone.

    Also, I've read contrasting reports that current launch time-3G owners can upgrade at the subsidized price this July. I've also read that we can get it on 12/12/09. If the July-date is correct, I might as well just wait and add the extra line then.

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    My Experience

    Same scenario for me. I got the 3G on release day last year and I went into the ATT store yesterday and they told me I wasn't eligible until December. The rep told me all I had to do was add an additional line ($10) they could transfer the 3GS to my current phone number and as long as I cancelled the "additional line" within 30 days I wouldnt have to pay the ETF so I pre-ordered. I've known this guy for some time and I do a lot of business with him. I don't know if this is the norm, but it worked for me and he gaurenteed I'd have the phone on release day. I say make friends with your ATT rep and see if that helps.
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    Guys you don't need to bribe them, butter them up or anything else. Simply tell them that you are adding a line, your using that line to get a new iPhone 3GS and they'll be more than happy to assist you. In fact when you walk out of the store, your iPhone 3GS will be on your normal line.

    When I once worked for AT&T we did this on a daily basis.

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