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Jun 22, 2010
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My friend gave me his 3GS some time ago because he screwed it up and got a new phone. I have been trying to work with it, but every time it reboots it goes to DFU mode. Restores to vanilla and custom firmwares in iTunes come up with various errors, most prominent one being Error 21. I can get some life out of it, as Pwned DFU in Redsn0w will make the screen turn completely black and Fix Recovery in TinyUmbrella will load some text on the screen. It loads GreenPois0n onto the phone but gives some errors before completely loading (unable to find gBdevlist, fs_mount, fs_unmount and fs_load_file) and then says Greenpois0n initialized. Up to this point, this is the most life I have gotten out of it.

Is there any hope for it? Or is it hardware damaged somehow?


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Dec 22, 2008
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Really? Nobody has any ideas?

Can you put it into DFU mode and restore it to Apple 5.0.1 or 4.1? Apple currently sign these 2 firmwares on 3GS, so you can get it through.

If you get 1015 error, you can use tiny umbrella to exit recovery. Otherwise, it should restore it to activation screen.
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