iPhone 3gs- Battery life too short

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    After the jailbreak using redsn0w and installed 2 apps(backgrounder and acrobits) my iPhone 3gs, BB 05.16.02 has only about one and a half hours of battery life. Before the jailbreak, one recharge is good for about 2 days.

    The only apps running in the background is the soft phone from acrobits. Is this normal for this apps to drain the battery this fast? Or may be I have turned on some of its capabilities that should be off if not used? After all the tweaking and trial and error configurations, I can't really exactly remember which part I have tweaked hehehehe....

    As of now, the only intended use of the iPhone is to use wifi for soft phone and for internet.

    Please advise.
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    battery life too short

    The problem may be that you are always running the softphone app. It is always good to turn off any part of an app that you are not using. Tweek the app to your own needs and if you are not always using the app, turn it off. You are right that some apps take a lot of battery power. You can download battery life apps for free. Follow the suggestions in it to retain maximum battery wellness. Remember that any rechargeable battery life is shortened if you always recharge with most of the battery life left. It is better to let the battery run down almost to nothing and then recharge, but battery life apps will help you keep track and tell you how your phone is doing with charge. you can find the apps in itunes. Ultimately, you have to keep track of what you do and how much battery power it takes to run the program on your phone. Watch how the battery responds when you use different programs and you will be ok.

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