iPhone 3GS Bidirectional Video Syncing

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by HiRez, Jun 22, 2009.

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    How is syncing videos shot on the 3GS supposed to work? First of all, it looks like they get synced into iPhoto instead of iTunes? That's bizarre since iPhoto does nothing with video and iTunes does. But it's even more annoying because once I sync my videos off the iPhone to the computer, they don't get synced back onto the iPhone, like photos do if I take pictures on the iPhone. So am I supposed to do the sync (selecting "Delete Originals" as you usually want to do this to clear the large photos off your phone), then manually find and copy the videos over to iTunes, and then sync them back to the phone? What am I doing wrong? The whole thing seems very clumsy and poorly thought out.
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    Jun 14, 2009
    Personally, I think it'd be cool if Apple updated iMovie so it can sync with the iPhone. And also update iTunes further so you can sync photos and videos to your iPhoto and iMovie library without having to open up any other application but iTunes.
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    Agreed. The way things are set up now, it is seriously going to complicate my home video to iPhone workflow ... :(
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    So you...

    1. Import to iPhoto
    2. Edit in iMovie (with direct access to iPhoto clips)
    3. Share to iTunes in various formats optimized per device, or whatever.

    Seems fine to me unless you always want to keep every clip you ever take in its original form on your phone. Then the steps are the same just partly unnecessary...
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    Actually, I never export directly from iMovie for two reasons. One, the quality is AWFUL. Second, I want two versions - one for my AppleTV and one for the iPhone. Since my source is always 720p AVCHD, I export to AIC without changing the resolution. I then send the exported .mov file through VisualHub - once for AppleTV and once for iPhone - using two-pass encoding. There is a HUGE difference in quality, not to mention vibrance/saturation. After that, I import both clips to iMovie, change the media type to "TV Show" and name each of them accordingly ("Family" and "Family HD", for example) ... When I sync my iPhone and AppleTV, I select the appropriate TV Show (SD/HD) and each device gets videos encoded specifically for it, at the highest quality possible. :)

    As for the iPhone 3GS: since my wife and I both have our own phones, it would be GREAT if we could easily sync each other's videos back to both our phones. Since Apple's syncing method is rather convoluted, we can't do that. So for me, the workaround will be to sync the phones with iPhoto, export the movies from both devices that I want to keep on both devices, export the files, import to iTunes, change the media type to TV Show, and then sync that TV show to each device. In other words, it will require constant attention. :(
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    iPhone video Syncing

    If your using a Mac, the Image Capture application can be used to pull video off your phone and drop them into any folder you want. Possibly even your iTunes directory, haven't tried that specifically though. And using Image Capture doesn't remove the video from the phone. It might not be a perfect solution but its worth a shot.
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    Ya same issue. They need video support in iPhoto so it syncs back in events ect. Also quick playback. I'm sure they come out with and update soon.
  9. xperience macrumors newbie

    Mar 16, 2009
    I still don't understand why this isn't built in to iTunes?? Surely it's quite simple to code and would be a really useful addition.
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    Ok, so, if you do so happen to import all of your photos and video and delete them from your IPhone like I did. And then, you choose which pictures and videos you want to sync back. Only photos will go back. So what I did was did a quick search for the Movies in IPhoto, selected the ones I wanted to sync, basically dragged them over to the Movies Folder in Itunes and then selected in ITunes the movies I wanted to sync and synced. That worked out for me.

    Oh and one more thing, I wasnt becoming too much of a fan how the videos were part of the Photo Gallery on the IPhone. The steps I took above actually placed my videos in the IPod part of the Iphone in the Movies Folder. Keeps it nice and organized.

    Hopefully Apple will clean all of this up on the next update.

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