iPhone 3Gs Cracking


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Apr 23, 2006
Wales, UK
Hey guys!
Got a white 3Gs, had it when it was released so it's still under warranty and all that. Today I've noticed some cracks in the plastic near the dock, sim card opening and headphone slot. They are small cracks, nothing big, but the fact that I know they are there annoys me. I have booked a genius appointment for tomorrow and my local store here in the UK and was wondering what is the likelihood of Apple replacing the unit?

Many Thanks


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Feb 8, 2010
Somewhere Sunny, California
I hate those sooo bad.
Today i took my phone into apple to get the screen fixed.
They replaced the screen and all,
then I noticed [after I got home] a really bad NEW crack in my case.
It goes from the corner of the dock connector and goes up to the right about an inch.
I can't see it too much yet. Like I don't think the whole plastic is cracked, just some of it...
If it does get worse, I'll take it in.
There isn't any use of taking your /NEW/ phone into Apple, and them replacing with a refurbished one, that will just end up getting case cracks...
It happens to all iPhones.
They're just more visible on white ones.


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Jul 1, 2009
I have alot of cracks that u just recently noticed. Almost every spot. Dock, head phone, volume, silence button, camera and sim. Plus this annoying dot on my screen. It's like a burn in mark or something. I got it first weekend 3gs came out. Would they replace it? There is few visible scratch from pavement.