iPhone 3Gs Doesnt Start >.<!

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  1. KonataRola, Nov 22, 2010
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    Nov 22, 2010
    hi all :apple:

    i have a rare trouble with my iphone 3gs 16GB

    When conect to Wall Charger---------> show apple screen and lockscreen(looks fine the screen) but past a brief moment shutdown marking some lines verticals on the screen ,past a few seconds start again and do the same thing and again and again.....

    Standalone Phone doesnt Start or making signals of life :(
    ( i already try to make cold boot pressing both buttons as far as 2 minutes)
    When i conect to pc doesnt start or show something on the screen,but when conected to pc if i press the home and lock buttons a few seconds and let go the lock the pc detect him as recovery device and when i press restore and upgrade start the procedure and sound disconected ,then after a few minutes pop op the error screen typical 1600-1604.
    i will atach the log of itunes and i will try to record a video of the problem.

    if anyone can help he would be much apreciated :)

    thanks :apple:

    pd:sorry for bad english x)

    EDIT: by the way doesnt show if is charging the baterry or not

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    Mar 3, 2008
    Google DFU mode and follow the tutorials. Since your phone only seems to respond when plugged in, have it plugged in.
    You can also try erase all settings, assuming you can get that far in settings. However DFU mode is your best bet to try.

    Best of luck.

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