iPhone 3GS earpiece sounds horrible

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    So i've had all three generations of iphone and I must say this generations build quality is by far the worst. I bought a 16GB 3GS the day they released and the mute/vibrate switch was virtually impossible to toggle and the power/standby button was very hard to press. I ended up selling it and then getting a 32GB instead, hoping to rectify the problems. Well the buttons seem to be functioning much better but now the quality of the earpiece sounds as if the speaker is blown. It doesn't always sound this way only when the volume is set to high and i'm talking to a male with a low sounding voice. I realize that to some of you this sounds like i am just being over-analytical of my phones performance but in my previous generation iphones i've never had this type of problem. I am going to the genius bar today to request a replacement but wanted to know if anyone else has had the same type of distortion in their unit? I have been a long time apple user and would hate to see their build quality go from exceptional to sub-par all over a mass demand for their new products. Apples always been about quality and customer service IMO and this is definitely a step down for them in my book.
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    I find the new headphones to be much better than the ones on my G1 iPhone..I like them alot.
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    iPhone 3GS earpiece distortion

    I have had the same issue with three 16G 3GS iPhones now!!!

    The speaker is perfectly fine for about a week, and then it gradually gets worse until it sounds like the speaker has blown. My latest replacement iPhone has just started to do the same, and I will be returning it back to the store. Quite frankly the build of the iPhone is not up to Blackberry standards, and I think I will be replacing the iPhone with a Blackberry. Shame because the apps were really good, but having to listen to the distortion, and having to ask people to repeat what they are saying is simply just not worth it. iPhone should check into this fault!!!
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    Same here

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