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    May 18, 2009
    i accidentally dropped my iphone 3gs in water but took it out in less than a couple of seconds as soon as i saw it go in. it had a case on it and the damage from the water was minimal. actually you could say none. I immediately opened up the iphone case and disassembled the iphone. wiped out the few drops that got in, and still couldn't get the display to work. finally i disassembled the display and saw that the LCD was damaged. ordered a new LCD and then reassembles the phone. but now i have a weird problem! one thing i have to mention here is that a moron in another thread said that the white thing that holds cable 3 also goes up along with the black tab! I tried to pull the white thing up and it ripped open like paper. luckily i wasn't pulling too hard and only a small part of the white thing came off. i can still put the cable in a lock it in with the black tab down.

    now the problem is that i can't hear the other person when i make a call. they can hear me. the proximity sensor is working as the screen turns off when near my face. if i use bluetooth, i can make calls fine. i can make calls fine using the headphones too. when i play songs, i cannot hear them on the speaker. but when i make calls, i can hear the other person on the speaker and the call works fine if i use the speaker. the unlock sound does not work when i unlock the phone. the phone does not vibrate when i put it in silent.

    everything else works fine. the home button works fine. volume buttons work fine. power button works fine.

    any ideas on how to fix this?
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    had to read this three times to make any sense of it. you talk in circles my friend but your probably going nuts cause your phone wont work! and I get that!!

    I would check and make sure the square tab that you snap in next to #6 is plugged in correctly. that controls most of what you are talking about. the dock connectors seem to go out real easy when wet. this has your loud speaker in it. now based on what you said there is no one answer that I can think of to correct your problem other than water damage. you need to take apart the phone including removing the motherboard if you can do it and let all parts dry in rice for a few days. not a few hours!!! then use a soft toothbrush and some contact cleaner and clean all of the parts as best you can without being to rough on them. maybe this will help.
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    Nov 18, 2010
    From what you wrote it sounds like you might have a few different issues with your phone. First off the water damage might not be something you can fix. I would follow the steps detailed in the post above mine to try and deal with that.
    If you are still unclear about how the #3 ribbon is connected to the main board on an iPhone, you can follow this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9AzWAwfHEk.
    Not being able to hear anything through the ear receive on your phone means either the ear speaker is damaged, the ribbon isn't installed correctly, or you have damaged the connector for the #3 cable.

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