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    Nov 1, 2012
    hi everyone i dropped my iphone 3gs in water a few days ago and dried it out using rice and after that it booted up once but now it only shows any signs of life when i plug it into my wall charger where it shows an apple logo and it keeps flashing like its trying to boot up so i have opened it up and the motherboard looks fine so do you think the battery is damaged and i need a new one as it looks like there is not enough power to boot up the phone and also now the phone has no backlight though the motherboard looks brand new or can it be something else and all i want is to synch all my data thanks in advance
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    Nov 1, 2012
    cant anyone give me some advice on whats wrong or what to do it would be a great help
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    Nov 3, 2012
    Has this data not been synched with your computer/itunes ever? If it has been, you can use one of many data recovery programs available like wondershare etc.. which use the backup file generated by itunes. If that isn't the case you might be **** out of luck.

    Did you try connecting up to itunes and seeing if you can restore by some miracle? Can you get into DFU mode? The chance of this working is slim to none though, sorry ;/.

    I think there's a good chance your battery is *#%%'d up. :) But I HIGHLY doubt it stops there

    If it was powered down (battery out) when it was dropped into water you would be in a whole different boat.

    What type of water was it dropped in? Tap, salt, ?? You could try removing the battery and dunking/washing/saturating your phone with distilled water then drying it out using silica or a legit desiccant. Rice does work but simply does not compare to a home-made silica chamber. The purpose of this would be to remove what was IN the water i.e. salt, dirt, etc.., which may have very high electrical conductivity.

    Chances are it won't make a difference.. if your unplugged x-box was flood damaged with seawater, using distilled to clean the salt/dirt then fully evaporating it would likely have it working good as new. However, electronics that are powered up when they make water contact don't have much of a shot in hell.
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    iPhone 3GS upgrade

    Hi, I have iPhone 3GS with version 4.1, would like to know can I upgrade it to 4.3 or 5? As the current version won't even allow me download wats up &Facebook app... Till which version I can upgrade to run my phone smooth with most likely apps

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