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  1. USSpruance macrumors newbie

    May 19, 2013
    Hey Guys,

    So i have a Problem.

    I am trying to fix my moms iPhone 3Gs. What happened is the following:

    My moms iPhone was jailbroken to be able to be used with T-Mobile. She now has a new iPhone and gave it to me. I restored it to IOs 6.1.3 and it did restore but when i tried to activate it on the activation screen it said failed to activate so i tried to Hacktivate it. Something in the Process went wrong i was using redsnow 0.9.15b3 furthermore the phone is stuck in recovery loop i tried to fix it again using recovery fix but it gets to the part of recovery fix where it says waiting for iPhone to reboot and nothing happens its stays like that i have tried un plugging in and re plugging it back in nothing happens. When i try to re-restore it in iTunes it fails giving me an unknown error. Then it goes right back to recovery mode and i already tried DFU restore nothing happens.


  2. alastairhall macrumors newbie

    May 3, 2013
    iPhone 3Gs Help

    Jailbroken phones always fails to activate with a different provider. Get it factory unlocked and once it will be Factory unlocked, it will start working as soon as you will connect it to iTunes.

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