iPhone 3GS - Home button not working.

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  1. Alythria, Nov 6, 2011
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    Alythria macrumors newbie

    Nov 6, 2011
    Okay so this iPhone is the bane of my existence but with a long distance relationship I need WhatsApp.
    Recently it fell into the loo (Yes, gross I know), I dried it in rice and an airing cupboard but after 8 days when i took it was completely dead, not recognizable to my laptop and wouldn't charge.
    So I took it to the repair shop where they fitted it with a new battery and connector dock. On the bus on the way home from the repair store I had my iPhone in my handbag when getting off the bus I had to go downstairs, my bag went smash into the wall and my iphones screen hit my keys.
    That was all fine and dandy, took the phone out three large but not deep cracks so I thought grand it'll get me by til x-mas and I'll get a iPhone 4S. That was 2 weeks ago, about 4 days ago my home button started getting a little glitchy. It's at the point where it'll only work when plugged in and theres a tiny bit of pressure on the back of the connector? I hardly need to get it repaired again with the new connector. Can anyone help me before this phone finds itself being thrown against a wall? PLEASE!

    Version: 4.3.3 (8J2) - JB
    Firmware: 06.15.00
  2. Coley macrumors member

    Nov 2, 2011
    If that front panel is crooked in the least it tends to move the home button put of place. It apparently has to be set in JUST right to work properly. The hit your phone took, and the effects you say that it had on the screen....I'm surprised the home button didn't fail sooner. I can't tell you 100% that that is the problem given the troubled history of your phone of course but my first 3GS was born with a screwed up home button. Right out of the box I was having trouble. I went to a smarty pants bar at the apple store and they said the screen was crooked and throwing off the connection of te home button. They tried to replace the glass but found the problem persisted as a part of the circuit board was assembled crookedly and was permanently shoving the screen up on one side. And so I got a replacement. Which by the way, coincidentally had its own home button woes :p it's home button is made of PLASTIC. It looked different from the start and it scratched to hell in a very short time so that all these tiny marks make it look almost grey compared to the glass on the screen lol

    Anyway I shouldn't start ranting here. I wil tell you that putting pressure on certain parts of the glass panel would bring back home button function til it shifted out of place again ( usually within the hour) but also a case I had kept enough pressure on the sides that it allowed my home button to work properly consistently. I do not like that case and my other ones I liked didn't help lol. Anyway your screen is broken, not just set in crooked and it may not help but perhaps try it out and see if it offers you a temporary 'fix'


    I forgot to mention, my Home button also seemed to work better when I had the cord plugged into it as well.

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