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  1. Cc0 macrumors newbie

    Mar 15, 2012
    Hey guys,
    this is my first post on this forum. I used to come here often for help on apple products but now finally decided to sign up to gain feedback and possibly help others :D
    My problem is quite simple. I am an owner of an iPhone 3GS (AT&T), and have comleted about 14 months (I think?) of my contract. Today, I decided to update my firmware from 5.0.1 to 5.1. I was enjoying the new update, but after i left my phone idle for ~30 minutes, the home button became comepletly unresponsive.
    I do know my phone is out of warranty, so i decided to check the interior of the phone to see what the problem was. I found that there are two prongs (correct me if i'm mistaken) connecting to the home button. I had found that one of those prongs had been broken off somehow. :confused: I have never tampered with the device before so this is a bit confusing to me.
    I have not purchased apple care either.
    So my question is, how do i go about getting possibly a replacement of some sort?
  2. jonkersuk macrumors newbie

    Feb 22, 2012
    Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay
    Your simplest solution would be to replace the frame and screen, just search ebay for:- 3gs frame screen.

    All you really need is the frame, but you would then need to heat the glass from the old frame to remove it, you would then need to purchase this from ebay, search for:- 3m 3gs

    And then stick the glass to the new frame.

    So considering the hassle, it's probably just worth purchasing the whole unit, you've already found your way into the phone so you're halfway there.

    Hope this helps :)
  3. jonkersuk macrumors newbie

    Feb 22, 2012
    Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay
    Sorry forgot to say, the cheapest option is to just replace the home button, search ebay for:- 3gs home button

    May be worth trying this first and then if no good go for the complete frame replacement!

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