Iphone 3gs Housing replace.

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    Aug 3, 2010
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    Aug 1, 2010
    I do it all the time for family and friends; mine has been purple, orange, red, lime green, and sky blue.

    Anyways on a scale of 1-10 I would rate this a 8.5. Only because you have to completely take apart the entire iPhone and it is really easy to misplace a screw or to break one of the many small components or to rip one of the many ribbon cables (i did this my first time).

    This is the tutorial I followed my first time was this one. I know its isn't exactly for replacing the housing but it was sufficient for me.

    You can do it easily with patience, just don't get hasty and make a mistake.
    If you get stuck or need any help just message me. ;)
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    Aug 3, 2010
    Thanks! Any other experiences with cover replacing?
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    Aug 3, 2010
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    Aug 3, 2010
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    Aug 6, 2009
    Botched iPhone 3G back cover replacement

    I gutted my 3G iPhone 8GB last night to install a new candy apple red back housing. When I purchase the iPhone a couple weeks ago, it had a broken home button and cracked back housing, so I thought this would give me a chance to escape my Macbook repairs and branch into iPhone repairs, too.

    So, I purchased a new home button and back cover from eBay. I then followed iFixit tear down instruction to remove all components from back cover, and then reinstalled them in reverse order into the new back cover.

    I then proceeded to tear apart the screen assembly to install the home button. Despite the home button be a little crooked, and that it doesn't really click properly, everything went back together okay.

    Then after I attempted to reinstall the LCD assembly, the iPhone would not display anything. However, the vibrate button activates the vibration mechanism (with and without LCD assembly attached), so I know logic board is functional (or do I?) Also, when the LCD assembly was off, I removed the logic board connecter and reinstalled that repeatedly. When I did that, the vibration mechanism momentarily sounded.

    Also, I did tinker with the on-off button and home button combo after assembly. Nothing turned on, though.

    A friend suggested a new LCD. So, I figured I'd try swap it out with my wife's iPhone 3G 8GB assembly (nobody tell, please!!). Then after taking the LCD assembly off, installing another one still nothing displayed. Thankfully, when reinstalling my wife's LCD her LCD displayed as original.

    So at this point is what I know:

    1) The iPhone was fully operational before disassembly (minus home button)
    2) The vibration switch activates
    3) The vibration switch activates when removing/reattaching motherboard connecter (the silver attachment).
    4) I got a cool looking back housing, but no iPhone yet!! LOL!

    Questions I have a this point:

    1) Is this a software or hardware related issue?
    2) Is there a ground somewhere in the back cover assembly that failed to touch/connect when installing new back cover?
    3) Is there some sort of reset I need to do after disconnecting motherboard?
    4) Do I have to follow the numbers when dislocating/reattaching connectors?

    Any assistance would be helpful! Thanks
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    Jan 26, 2011
    Iphone 3gs.. signal dropped after changing the housing!!

    Hi .. not sure if anyone can give me any guidance on this but just changed the back housing on my iphone 3gs, everything working fine expect that it dont pick up any signal..

    the operator logo will appear along with 3G sign but no bars at all, everytime a try and make a phone call it just says call failed...

    Im 100% that i've put everything back together properly and checked all the connections but still no luck,

    Be very grateful if someone can give me some insight on this,

    Thanks Kerun Sahota:)

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