iphone 3gs (humidity prob)

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    Recently my 3gs was exposed to humidity. No direct contact with water but I saw a fog under the screen. It took several days to clear out and my home button stopped working. It's a real pain now, because I have to power down the phone and reboot every time I want to exit an app or enter a different function of the iphone.

    I was thinking to do an iTunes restore, but I'm hesitant because my phone is jailbroken and unlocked to work on Tmobile. I backed up the phone on iTunes of course, but thought I would seek out your advice before I do anything I may regret. I really can't afford to lose the use of my phone for several days.

    The current version is 4.1 and the firmware is 05.13.04

    I probably want to keep it that way as the phone works pretty well right now and I've heard that changing these may slow down the speed.

    Excuse my ignorance, but I would really appreciate some help here. I've been searching several frustrating hours for answers online and I'm getting nowhere.

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    iPhone 3GS Humidity

    Hello, i can relate to the frustration of the home button not working, because it happened me too. To isolate what your problem is you can do a factory restore just to be certain that your problem isn't a software issue, i'm not an expert but if restoring doesn't fix your issue the next thing you can try is taking your 3GS apart. There are two pins that must make contact with the corresponding part on the motherboard of the 3GS for the home button to work, the vapor might have shorted out the pins but that is a long shot. If you are scared to take it apart maybe you are better off looking for a professional.

    Hope this helped.

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