iPhone 3Gs iOS4 Will not start up after installing iMobile Enhancer

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  1. Amzo Suspended

    Aug 28, 2010
    As the title says! I downloaded iMobile Enhancer on my iPhone iOS4 and then it told me to REBOOT STRAIGHT AFTER, which i did! Then my iPhone wouldnt finish loading up, it was stuck on the apple logo. It's been like this for over 20+ hours and i've been trying to work it by - Rebooting it numerous times - Charging it - Leaving it alone for a few hours and then powering it. And none of them work! Afterwards i found out iMobile Enhancer was NOT compatible with this iOS 4 :( and it messed up my iphone!

    Here's were you can help me!
    So if anyone knows how i can actually get a programme or something and remove iMobile Enhancer without starting my iphone up then that would be great! ALSO If you think i should recover it, that doesn't work either because iTunes wont detect it until it starts. lol -.-
  2. Amzo thread starter Suspended

    Aug 28, 2010
    I just found out there is no way now because iPhoneBrowser doesn't work!
    So if you have the same problem i have a solution. WHICH WILL PUT IT TO RECOVERY MODE!
    1. Hold Home and Power button at same time for 10 seconds
    2. Let go of the power button after 10 seconds
    3. Keep your thumb/finger on the home button still once released until put to recovery mode which takes 5-10seconds.

    No problem for my help :)

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