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    My parents are currently 'on holiday', staying with me. Therefore, I currently have 4 iPhones in my household. 3 of them are my dad's (one iPhone 4, one 3GS and one 3G. The fourth is my own, a 3GS.

    All iPhones are jailbroken using Greenpois0n, except the 3G - it's jailbroken using Ultrasn0w to facilitate Hacktivation/SIM Lock Removal. My father's iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 have battery issues: the battery drains really quickly. On the iPhone 4, I noticed the times listed under (Settings >> Usage >>) Usage and Standby are equal to the minute.
    Since the phones are jailbroken, I suspect SBSettings to cause the problem, as it's listed as the culprit on multiple blogs/forums, and at least the 3GS had no issues before the jailbreak.
    The iPhone 3G is jailbroken in a different way than the iPhone 4 and 3GS, and its battery is behaving rather well - no absurd drainage whatsoever is noticable; and it DOES run SBSettings.
    There is a slight issue on the 3G (and the 3GS has this issue as well): the time stats mentioned above are not populated in any way; they both just list an En-dash (–). The difference between the 3GS and the 3G is the battery life: the 3GS drains just about as fast as the 4; it takes it about 2 days to completely drain, with all special features and abilities normally present in each iPhone's original state turned off (i.e. Location Services, EDGE/GPRS Data, 3G, etc.).

    I've also taken care to remove all open applications from the Task Switcher (in the 3GS's case) and close open processes using SBSettings. There is no SSH-client installed on either device. My own 3GS is showing no adverse effects from the jailbreak whatsoever, and has the very same applications installed, both from the App Store and Cydia, as my father's 3GS. On my 3GS I do use both a Yahoo account and a Microsoft Exchange Account, and I have Location Services, EDGE/GPRS Data and Push Messaging enabled. My iPhone takes about 4 days on average to complete a cycle since it's jailbroken. I take this to be slightly shorter than the time it took in its vanilla state, but the difference can be ignored.
    My father has NO Yahoo account on his iPhones, nor any IMAP account, nor any MS Exchange account. He normally disables EDGE/GPRS Data, Push Messaging, Wi-Fi, and Location Services, just to conserve battery power.
    I have detected NO TRACE whatsoever of any SSH client on his 3GS and on his 4. We chose not to install any, as we did not see the need for it.
    Seeing as his 3GS and his 4 drained their batteries so quickly, I actually tried connecting to these phones using SSH. As I expected, I failed ('Connection to 192.168.2.xxx on port 22 failed: Connection Refused').

    Seeing as many forums list SBSettings (and/or Mobile Substrate) as possible culprit(s) [SBSettings is mentioned quite much more often], I suspect SBSettings is acting up in my father's case(s).
    I have offered him to remove SBSettings from his phone in order to check this out.
    I should perhaps point out that my father does use some App Store Apps that he did not obtain from the App Store (yet I shall not mention how he came to have them). Me being a computer expert by profession, I never fully exclude a possibility to a virus/trojan on any device or computer that runs software that is obtained in a perhaps less-than-legal way, even if I know they hardly exist for Macs and iPhones (either jailbroken or 'in their vanilla state'). But is it possible to be the case on a jailbroken iPhone? And can these 'viruses' cause the apps to remain active even when the user thinks they exited the apps (i.e. they removed them from the App Switcher)?

    What I'm trying to point out is, that there doesn't really seem to be any cause for the battery drainage to occur on my father's iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, yet it does. And it doesn't take place on my 3GS, whereas, if we just count the Cydia Apps, they run the very same apps (this is even including SBSettings; despite it currently being suspected for causing my father's battery drainage issues).

    Can anybody confirm SBSettings as being the culprit, or else point me to a possible other cause? As my father's 3GS did not have battery issues prior to being jailbroken (his iPhone 4 has had no life without a jailbreak, but I presume the result of doing a vanilla (de-Jailbreak) would be staggering), I have to suspect SBSettings and the other Cydia apps he installed, or at least any of the apps he isn't officially entitled to run...

    I'd like to add that my father performed the jailbreak on his 3GS himself; I jailbroke his iPad (yes, he has one of those too - no issues whatsoever there) and his iPhone 4. For his iPhone 4 and iPad I used the most recent version of Greenpois0n; his 3GS was jailbroken with the version prior to that. All jailbreaks went without issues in themselves; the issues mentioned here occurred after the jailbreaks...

    As a final note, I'd like to state that my father has had his iPhone 3GS for about nine moths, his iPhone 4 is now about a week old.

    I hope anybody around here can help me (or rather, my father)...
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    Mar 3, 2008
    What happens when you uninstall the pirated programs? I don't know about viruses/trojans, but I've seen a number of examples where they hosed a jb. Personally, I'd tell your dad to suck it up and buy the programs. If he's hesitant to spend the money, then they really didn't have that much value for him in the first place.
    I've had bad luck with SBsettings and battery life, but it can't hurt to uninstall and look at battery life afterwards.
    You can also try the old trick of uninstalling all the cydia programs and adding them one a day--monitoring battery usage between each installation.
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    how can you expect anyone to even begin to guess what "may be the culprit" when after all that mess you didnt bother to say anything important?

    we have no idea what he has installed on the devices with battery issues.

    furthermore, if SBSettings is a known problem, why havent you tried removing it first to see if that solves your problem?

    basically, you have a car that wont start, and everyone has told you the battery is dead, but instead of charging the battery first, you're asking us if it is be out of gas. in case you still dont see the flaw in this, it's that you refuse to do the obvious first step and worse, you're asking us specifics about something we have now way of knowing... like if the gas tank has gas in it.

    to troubleshoot something, the process requires you to work in reverse, from your current position all the way back to the beginning... in this case, from the current state to an unjailbroken state. as you work backwards, you remove a single factor that may be a source of the problem and see if the problem is resolved... halt if it is, continue to repeat the process if not.

    so, to be blunt, the first step is remove SBSettings and then see if the issue persists. if it does, try something else. if not, then obviously your problem is solved. until you perform the first step, you're simply wasting everyone else's time, as well as your own.

    no, unless you want to send that person your dad's phones. i cant confirm anything without the device to confirm it on. and obviously if it works on my iphone, that doesnt mean it's working on yours, as this is obviously the current situation already.
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    Thanks for all your replies. My father has now committed a reset on his iPhone 4 (by holding sleep/wake + Home for more than 10 seconds, then releasing both), and the situation has changed. When I checked the stats about 5 minutes ago, there was a notable difference. He had taken his iPhone off the charger 52 minutes ago, which was the time stated under Standby time; according to the time stated under Usage, he had only used his phone for 3 minutes. Which is much closer to reality, seeing as it had been lying around on the table doing absolutely nothing at all.
    Furthermore, it felt REALLY snappy - as if we'd done a fresh Restore...

    I have not yet started uninstalling any pirated software after this reset, but I shall certainly take a look at it if there should be a need to do so (i.e. if the battery starts draining really fast again). Currently, the iPhone has been off the charger for about an hour and is still at 100%, something unthinkable if you look at yesterday's situation...

    Concerning the pirated software he has installed, that's quite too much to name here. The Cydia apps (if you consider these to be 'pirated software') are LockInfo, SBSettings, and all of the other applications and/or extensions required for this software to function.
    Other pirated software he has installed include cracked versions of various programs one would normally buy from the App Store. This includes some heftily priced Medical apps, some Language Training apps and a fair few apps that are important to his traveling needs (Altitude, GPS, etc.). I should point out right now that I don't know any of these apps.
    As I have stated in my previous post, all apps had been closed during the previous cycle, and yet it seemed as though the iPhone was constantly busying itself with something...

    For now, it seems that after he had reset his iPhone, the battery behaviour is back to normal. We have not yet tried any of this on the 3GS, with which he also has similar issues (in this case, the usage statistics are completely unpopulated (--)) and the battery seems to last somewhat longer (yet, of course, I can't really tell...). I shall perform a reset tomorrow on his iPhone 3GS as well, to see if that makes any difference.

    I shall keep you guys posted as to my advance in this matter...

    Thanks for your replies so far, and sorry to those who found I had not handed them enough information - I shall try to do my best on that, too...

    I'm actually thinking along the same lines, which is why, on my own phone, I did perform a jailbreak, but still do use most App Store apps in their legal form (i.e. by buying them). The problem in this case is, that some of the medical apps my father uses are really expensive (at least that's what he tells me) and he isn't really inclined to fork out the money to obtain them in a legal fashion. Still, I think I'd prefer not using them, if I'd have it my way...
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    The problem is he may be calling on you to fix his phone, when one of his pirated programs hose his jb. Luckily, he hasn't had that problem yet. But if your dad wants to be a cheap bastard, that's on his conscience.
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    So true... I'm not really inclined to use any pirated program whatsoever... I do find some of the Cydia apps really useful, though - especially LockInfo. That's just about the only reason for me to have jailbroken my phone. Honestly, if it turns out iOS 5 is to be equipped with a feature resembling LockInfo/IntelliScreen (i.e. the ability to view calendar appointments (and other notifications) from your phone's Lock Screen - and NO, I'm definitely NOT keen on the iPhone's current 'notification system' - I might decide not to jailbreak again...

    My dad said he concerns this issue to be resolved!

    (how do I edit the thread title and/or add a prefix to reflect this?)

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