iPhone 3GS issues (picture added)

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    I have a white 32gb iPhone 3GS which I have for around 5 months, about a month ago I purchased a dock for the phone. Last week I noticed a hairline crack in the charging dock which has got wider and longer in length over the last week. I would not be to bothered if it was the cracks that appear around the headphone port that are only minor but this is around a 1cm in length and is getting worse.

    As well as the crack near the dock the sponge is also becoming "spongy" in the top right hand corner and clicks when I press it lightly like its popping back into place

    I believe the handset should be replaced but I am not sure wether to take it to the genius bar or not as I live over 60 miles away (UK) and I dont want a wasted journey,

    Would the genius bar replace the handset? Has anyone experienced these problems?



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    iPhone plastic case is known to crack. Both the 3G and 3GS I have owned cracked by the charger port. In fact Apple just replaced my 3GS today. Can't beat the service in their stores!

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