iphone 3gs keeps restarting after recovery loop/jailbreak?


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Feb 27, 2012

So I've done a mess to my iphone and have no idea how to restore it back to its original settings. first, i used snowbreeze to update my 5.0.1 to and ipad bb, which then put my phone into a recovery loop. so then, i used tinyumbrella to take it out of the recovery loop, which worked but didnt put it back to its original state. so then i used the latest redsnow to jailbreak and install cydia, which it did, but now my phone keeps restarting itself and when i try to put it in DFU mode to restore it just back to its original settings, i keep getting the itunes error 1600 to pop up. Please, i shouldnt have even attempted to jailbreak, and now i just want it back to normal. any advice and help is greatly appreciated
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