IPhone 3GS; no sound through external speaker

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  1. noturtypicalone macrumors newbie

    Jan 2, 2011
    A couple days ago my external speaker stopped functioning, here is some background info and what i've done so far to "fix" the issue.

    -2 year old 3GS, Jailbroken for quite some time on ios4
    -Always in an Otterbox
    -Dropped once a few months ago while in the Otterbox (no damage or issues)
    -Always on the IPod and usually don't pause the music before removing headphones (never had issues with it thinking the headphones plugged in)
    -Occasionally use it in a friends car and again, don't pause the music before unplugging

    -The day the speaker stopped functioning the phone was not dropped, or anything of that nature.
    -It was plugged in to headphones for some time, and to the car for some time
    -I didn't notice there was no sound until several hours after it was plugged into the car, so i honestly can't say it has to do with that.
    -Earpiece/headphones/car stereo all work fine, its just the external speaker

    -Things I have tried are plugging in and unplugging the headphone jack
    -Several reboots and hard resets
    -Restore all settings, in the IPhone settings menu
    -Toggled the external switch, it shows going into silent and ring modes
    -Upgraded to 4.2.1
    -And tried a ITunes restore...

    The ITunes restore did not work, it said could not complete due to an unknown error (11)

    I also noticed that the Alarm doesn't function. I don't expect it to ring, but it doesn't appear to even go off and show the notification that the alarm is sounding and asks to snooze.. Which is why i upgraded to 4.2.1 and tried to restore. It sounds more like a software issue than hardware issue to me.

    I also read that when you sync a "corrupted" IPhone that the corrupted files save and transfer back to the phone later.. would explain why the upgrade did nothing, if it is indeed a software issue. After reading that is when i tried a restore with no success.

    All this, and still nothing in terms of sound.

    So I'm out of ideas and before contacting Apple (probably for no reason, I'm long out of warranty) I'm trying here.
  2. noturtypicalone thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 2, 2011
    Update:Well the alarm is notifying now, but still no sound. It's starting to look like hardware
  3. noturtypicalone thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 2, 2011
    Final update: issue resolved.

    Still don't know what the problem was, the sound just started working

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