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    Oct 7, 2009

    I woke up this morning and i discovered that i couldn't turn my iPhone on. It would just boot and boot and boot and never get past the Apple logo. So i thought that i'll just restore it and be on my way. So I go to restore (i was originally on 3.1.3, i have my SHSH's on file) i turn on FirmwareUmbrella, i start the TSS server and i select the 3.1.3 .ipsw, everything goes fine and dandy. It verifies the restore with "Apple" it prepares for restore, and then it starts. So it gets all the way to the end of "restoring iPhone software" (see picture above) and then it hangs. After a while it will fail with error 1604. I have sense tried to restore to 4.0.1 with Apple's servers, and the same thing happens. What to do?

    I was jailbroken with Spirit, if that matters. I'm on an official carrier (AT&T).
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    Jul 30, 2007
    iRecovery.zip from iClarified then follow Terminal commands.
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    Oct 7, 2009
    Can i have a link? I searched it on iClarified and i cannot seem to find the article. I've used iRecovery numerous times, but i would just like to know the commands...

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