iPhone 3gs run over by car: Still works!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by StevyWhy, Jun 26, 2009.

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    I rarely post but had to tell this story. Last night, a good friend of mine dropped her new 32gb iPhone 3gs in her driveway while unloading items from her car. She didn't realize it, and when she left a few minutes later to run more errands, she backed over her precious new phone. The screen is cracked in multiple places, and the phone was crushed to the point that the sim card popped out. But she reinserted the sim card and was able to call and text right away. The back of the phone has just a few scuff marks. As of this morning the phone is still working, though she hasn't checked every possible function.

    She has an appointment with the local Apple Store this afternoon. They say they'll give her a replacement for the subsidized price she paid ($299 I believe). She's relieved that she doesn't have to pay full price.

    Oh, and my friend doesn't drive a Mini or Smart car. She has a Volvo V70 that's got to weigh at least 3,500 pounds.

    I think there's an opportunity here for Apple to do a commercial about the iPhone's durability.
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    The "being able to work after being driver over by a car" feature was something that was added to the 3GS. Didn't you know that? :D
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    I should have pix before it's returned later today.

    Do I need to get Marissa Tomei to testify that the tread pattern on the back of the iPhone matches the 195-size tires on a FWD 2003 Volvo V70? It probably has traction control and stability control but not positraction. :)
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    LOL ... nice

    but we still want pics ! :D

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