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    On Friday, Safari crashed on me for the first time in owning this phone since December '09. I always have 6-8 tabs/windows open in Safari. I was searching google on Friday on the phone and suddenly everything locked up. The next time I loaded up Safari, I have 0 tabs/windows. Is there any way to get the tabs/windows back? Most of them are not even int he history anymore, since the iPhone keeps only abtou a week of Safari history.

    I do have a backup in iTunes from a week or two prior to Safari crashing. Is it possible to restore only the Safari part of the backup? Getting the tabs back is important to me, but not more important than losing a week of texts, notes, etc., which I assume is what would happen if I restored from the backup.

    Furthermore, does iTunes not save multiple backups? I know it used to, but now it seems to only keep one.

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    Only keeps your recent backup. No you can't restore the tabs unless you've bookmarked everything.

    As for safari it does crash from time to time.
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    Yeah, whenever you plan on opening more than 3 tabs, try cleaning out your cache/cookies/history beforehand
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    Dec 9, 2009
    Weird, I've literally had 6-8 tabs open for almost 1.5 years, and this is the first crash I've experienced that erased the windows
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    You can restore your tab state from an earlier backup.

    First, you need to get the backup into a useable form. I use the iPhoneBackupExtractor from http://supercrazyawesome.com. The rest of these instructions assume that you're using that tool.

    Load the backup you want. Hit the Read Backups button, then select the device and date of your backup. (If you've already taken another backup since then, Time Machine may be able to get your older one back). Extract the iOS Files item into a directory.

    You'll find your Safari tabs in Library/Safari/SuspendState.pList, which you can double click on to launch the pList Editor to get to your content.

    Hope that helps!

    P.S. If that works for you and your tabs are important, you might consider throwing the SuperCrazyAwesome guy a donation (I don't know him, but it's good software).

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