iPhone 3GS Sim card in iPhone 2G (Quick Question Long Story)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Andronicus, Jul 8, 2010.

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    I broke the screen of my iPhone 3GS and while waiting for the replacement parts to come in the mail I took my sim card and put it in a (very) old nokia phone. I used the Nokia phone until I was able to fix my 3GS screen. Now during that time, I bought a used iPhone 2g for 100 bucks and planned on putting my sim card in and using it until the 3GS was repaired. When I put my sim card in the iPhone 2G though it acted as though it was a brand new phone and said connect to iTunes and then when I did connect to iTunes it started making me pick text plans like I was setting up a new contract!? On a side note I was able to put my 3GS sim card into a friends 3GS phone and it worked right away just like it did when I put it in the 10 year old nokia phone and I was able to use it and make calls etc... So why am i able to put my 3GS sim card in other phones/iPhones and it will work right away, but I'm not able to do it with the 2G? Thanks everyone. :)
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    I have your same phones (before I upgraded to iP4).

    You will need to contact ATT by calling 611 or any customer service or just go to ATT store to have it done. They just need to fix codes and stuff.
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    You can also jailbreak and unlock the 2G iPhone if you want to avoid AT&T altogether. That's what I did to my 2G iPhone, and I can just pop my SIM card out of my 3GS and place it in my 2G without any problems.

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