iPhone 3GS Splitting Apart, power button difficult to press-REALLY annoying-HELP

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  1. salilsundresh, Sep 17, 2011
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    In order to activate the power button I have to squeeze the phone together. Really annoying. :eek: Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to fix this so the person buying my phone next month (lets hope the iPhone 5 is here next month!) doesn't have to go through this pain like I do on a daily basis. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

    Here's a picture of the issue:
    You'll also note my back cover has a piece missing that cracked off. Also, I had to replace the power button cover (silver piece of plastic) a few months ago.

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    Dec 11, 2005
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    The chrome bezel is glued to the back cover. Just get some epoxy and stick it in there with a pin or toothpick. Use glue suitable for plastic and metal. Some of the guides may have a suggestion on which glue to use.

    You also might want to take it apart first and make sure the power button is still placed right and the contact for it is still good. If you replaced the power button that might be the whole problem, knockoff parts might not be the same shape as origional and have problems depressing or hitting the switch correctly.
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    Nah, the new part was working fine till I had the genius idea of considering opening my iphone to replace the battery (i changed my mind after hearing about incompatibility issues and with the iphone 5 just around the corner...). I actually didn't replace the button itself but rather the little silver piece of plastic that presses down on a sensor to activate sleep/wake functions.

    Thanks for the tip on the epoxy, what do you think will super glue work just as well?

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