iPhone 3GS stuck in recovery mode loop

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    Hello community,

    since I wanted to get rid of a pesky bad signal issue after replacing a battery (all connections were visually checked and appeared to be OK), I wanted to restore using Semi-Restore so as not to force an upgrade on 6.1.3, knowing the jailbreak is necessary to keep it unlocked. However, Semi-Restore failed, and now the phone is stuck in a Recovery mode loop.

    I tried to use the latest Tiny Umbrella to exit from it, but it wouldn't work, and the phone keeps on rebooting in Recovery mode.

    What can I do to get out of this mode and proceed with redsn0w?
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    Oct 30, 2013
    I had a similar experience. To resolve it I restored the phone back to iOS6 from iTunes, then installed the GM of iOS7. Once I did this, the phone saw my iCloud backup from yesterday morning and restored everything.

    Not sure if it was the best route, but it worked for me.

    eta: just saw the you said they WEREN'T backed up. Uh oh.

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    What wasn't backed up? I never said anything about backups. Only, it is not possible to restore to iOS 6.1.2 since 6.1.3 is out for this model. Hacks are necessary.

    I tried this sequence, on Windows (ew):
    1. Download & install older iTunes version (10.0.5)
    2. Download iFaith, latest version
    3. Connect iPhone and fire up iFaith
    4. Retrieve stored SHSH blobs for 6.1.2. Luckily, I must have stored them before because I got success there.
    5. Build signed IPSW from generic IPSW
    6. Enter Pwnd DFU mode (just follow iFaith's instructions)
    7. Quit iFaith & disconnect iPhone
    8. Fire up older iTunes & reconnect iPhone
    9. Wait for it to be recognized.
    10. Hold Shift + click restore.
    11. Choose created, signed IPSW and let iTunes do its job.

    I now get an unactivated iPhone with iOS 6.1.2
    Stay tuned for next step.

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