iPhone 3GS to 4 set up question

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    This is probably a simple answer-
    I have an iPhone 3GS. A family member in another state with an iPhone 4 bought a new phone and has given me their old 4. We share the same AT&T carrier and account, but different phone #'s of course. She activated her new LG phone through a Best Buy and they did the set up. I'm assuming the LG uses a smaller SIM card since they left the old SIM in the iPhone 4. When I turn on the phone, the "HELLO" screen comes up and asks me to set up the phone and connect to iTunes. How do I continue with the setup? Do I keep the original family members SIM card in and follow the set up and place my 3GS SIM card (knowing it has to be modified) in afterwards? Or do I put my 3GS card in and then go through the set up? I see some sites saying to keep the original SIM card in while setting up the phone.
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    You can go through the set up with the deactivated family members SIM in the iPhome 4 but to make calls you will need the 3GS SIM. If you don't want to cut down the full size SIM to a Micro-SIM to fit the iPhone 4, you can take it to an AT&T store and the can install a new Micro-SIM and activate the iPhone 4 on your existing account (there shouldn't be any charge).

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