iPhone 3GS Upgrading Issues

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Apoco, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Dec 26, 2009
    On December 23rd, I walked into an Apple store to get my 3G fixed. The external speaker is broke (it wont ring/play music), and the vibrating function is broke, so as is, I am unable to be notified if anyone calls me. They told me that my warranty had expired in October, and that I would have to pay $199.99 to fix the phone. They then told me that I could upgrade to a 3GS for $199.99 since I was with AT&T for over a year. I did not have any cash on me at the time, so I decided to come back.

    So, on December 26, I walked into an AT&T Store to buy my new 3GS. I was told by the customer rep that I was unable to get best upgrade pricing until March. I explained to him what Apple told me (yes I am aware Apple ~= AT&T), and he re-assured me that they said that, not looking up my account information. I apologized for wasting his time, and then left. I then called Apple and explained the situation to them. (This is my third 3g since I bought one, the first two bricked). He said that the warranty did not re-start every time they replaced a phone (was hoping, but understandable), and that I SHOULD be able to upgrade through AT&T at best upgrade pricing, and to call AT&T. So I called AT&T, and after they made me pay my bill (which wasn't due yet), they told me that I could get special pricing of $399.99 for the 16g 3Gs, but I would not get the extra $200.00 off until March.

    Now, here is the kicker. I asked her how much it would cost to terminate my contract today. The early contract termination fee is $105.00. So. I asked her, why don't I just cancel my contract, pay the $105.00, and then walk into a store and get a new one. $199.99 (Best Upgrade Price) + $105.00 = $304.99. Now, this price is $95.00 cheaper than the price they are willing to give me for the 3GS until March, she could not answer me, in fact she questioned my math at first. At this point, I asked to speak to her manager.

    Her manager, Ann, got on the phone, told me the same line that the original representative told me, with some exceptions. Ann told me that Apple should not have offered to give me that price, and they cannot honor it due to their contract with Apple. She also explained to me, that if Apple was offering that price, I should take it. However, the nearest Apple store is hours away, and I honestly did not want to drive that if I did not have too. I asked her to explain why it would be cheaper for me to cancel my contract with AT&T, walk into an AT&T store, and get a new phone, than it would to pay the price they are offering to sell it too me at. Ann answered by looking up "more upgrade information", and by giving me a $42.00 credit on my next bill.

    I then went on to asking Ann why her website (http://www.wireless.att.com/learn/internet/iphone-faq.jsp), says that I should be eligible for an upgrade due to my bill which is over $100.00 every single month. She then explained to me, that the website does not mention that is MONTHLY REOCCURRING CHARGES (not addons). What Ann said that means is that the basic plan only counts, the data plans, text messaging plans, extra minute plans, none of that counts, only the BASIC MOBILE TO MOBILE MONTHLY PLAN counts. As of now, I am very upset. I have a phone that cannot notify me of incoming calls, Apple wants to charge me $199.99 to get it fixed (which will probably cost them ~$5-10.00), AT&T won't let me upgrade without A) Canceling my contract, walking in and getting a new one, B) Waiting until March, or C) Paying $399.99 for the phone. Either way, when I get the phone, unless I pay $599.99 for it, I will have to sign a 2 year contract. Now, keep in mind, I give AT&T over $800.00 a month, between my business accounts, home accounts, and mobile account.

    I am just trying to get others inputs in this matter. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    Jun 16, 2009
    Where in the country are you located? If you want a way to get a full discount message me for more info Its not illegal nor gonna cause any conflict with ATT or apple

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