iPhone 3gS vs blackberry 8900?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by s2late2be, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Ok, so I have a blackberry 8900 unlocked and on pay as you go, which means I can’t use instant messengers because I don’t have the blackberry data plan, but I do have data plan. Also I have an iPod touch 2nd Gen 16 gb. But I was thinking on getting the iPhone 3gS unlocked and sell my touch and 8900, so my question is this: would you rather have the iPhone 3gS or the iPod touch and the blackberry 8900? Which is better if you’re on pay as you go? If I get the iPhone will I be able to use instant messengers and use the app store? I want it to be unlocked.:(
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    I'd always go for one device over two. Everything in one place, less to carry, just simpler.

    I don't know much about pay as you go, but no, you wouldn't be able to use IM clients on the iphone without a data plan. You can still use the app store on wifi (or on your computer and then sync to the iphone).
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    if you unlock, and use it on T-Mobile you would be able to get a data plan, it is pretty much mandatory for the iPhone with web, email and apps.

    with a data plan (from AT&T or T-Mobile) you would be able to use IM, web, appstore and email

    FYI: the best IM app, in my opinion, is BeeJive

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