iPhone 3Gs vs iPhone 4, advice for my situation

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    Jun 17, 2008
    Well, I think that my family is about ready to upgrade three (or maybe just two) of us to iPhones. Normally, we go for the cheapest phones, but our internet at home has been a little bit hit and miss, so we thought the upgrade to the iPhones might be worth it. But I had a few questions that I was hoping people could answer:

    I just checked ATT's website, and we aren't covered with 3G. From most places in the house, we get a pretty constant 4-5 bars cell service, or whatever the max is. However, my 3G capable flip phone is not registering 3G. Will we still get internet service? Is it even worth it if its not 3G? For me, I am not worried about the internet at home so much as my dad is, because he has some work that he has to do online (and like I said, our internet service at home has kinda been hit and miss). But I don't think anything very media intensive, mainly email, I think.

    Like I said, we generally get the cheapest phones. I figure 3Gs phones will be $99 in a few weeks when iPhone 4 hits shelves. To me, I am willing to spend the extra $100 for my phone, if its worth it (I figure iPhone 4s will be 199/299 on contract?) Is the reception in the 3Gs really as bad as everyone says?
    Is it the phone or ATT? Because ATT works decently for me.
    Would the iPhone 4 be a big upgrade with the metal sides/enclosure being the antenna or whatever it was I read about that?

    One last question, does anyone know how much bandwidth these iAds will take up? I don't expect to go through a ton of cell network bandwidth, I am around wifi a considerable amount of time (but not all the time). But I don't want ads eating up my cell bandwidth... Is this going to be an issue with the 3Gs AND iPhone 4? Or is it an issue unique to iPhone 4, due to various software/hardware upgrades?

    Thanks guys, sorry about all the questions. This whole iPhone stuff just recently came up, and I don't know that much about it.
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    Dec 16, 2007
    3G is loads faster than edge. If you going to be done work online I wouldn't count on edge.

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