iPhone 3GS Water Damage - Screen problem.

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    Mar 2, 2010
    Originally when I dropped it in the water, my iPhone 3GS wouldn't turn off. I was at a sporting even so I didn't have any way of forcing it to shut off, and no matter how many times I tried to shut it off, it'd always wake back up. I would literally set it down and not touch it and next thing you know, it's back. So after about thirty minutes of trying and then giving up, I finally got it to shut off. It's been in rice for about two days now, and when I turned it on yesterday, there were some crazy things going on with the screen. It wasn't the typical water spots or anything, but my screen was red and yellow, flickering. My mother said it looked possessed.

    Now, the phone has returned to normal, for the most part. It's completely functional. I even restored it just to be safe. However, the screen is still acting up a bit. It's fading, I guess you could say. It looks as though there are a lot of white horizontal lines that either move upwards or are just shaking. Sometimes, the lines get whiter and the screen fades more. Other times it's almost not noticeable.

    My question is if anyone has advice. I'd rather not contact Apple yet because I don't want to tell them it's messed up if it's an easy fix. I know my warranty will be voided because of water damage and such. I just don't want to tell them I'm gonna keep using a screwed up phone, ya know?

    Anyways, I've been searching and searching for similar situations on various websites and it seems like my phone has a unique case. Please help!
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    Jan 26, 2010
    There is your problem

    Honestly what do you want us to tell you ?

    You damaged your phone in water, and caused irreversible damage to the components

    your options are

    a) Get the screen replaced ( but your warranty is still void because your internal water sensors will be red)

    or the better option

    b) Go into apple and get your Phone replaced for $199. This will maintain your normal warranty or give you a warranty of 90 days ( which ever is longer)

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