iPhone 3GS WILL have WAY better graphics capabilities! (says former Nvidia programmer

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Donz0r, Jun 11, 2009.

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    From Gizmodo:
    Or this link for a more detailed analysis:
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    I'm not sure it's the exact same thing since there was a 5 year time period between the Xbox and Xbox 360, where as only 1 year between 3G and 3G(s). Consequently, the hardware upgrade was (arguably) much more substantial going from Xbox to Xbox 360 than going from the 3G to the 3G(s).

    I really don't think it would be worth developers' time/money to make 3G(s) exclusive games. But the bottom line is, developers want to make money, and the wider range of platforms that their games will work on the more money potentially they can make.

    Personally, I would love to see what the 3G(s) could do, and would love to see a developer get the most it can out of it!
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    Well yeah it's not the same as the xbox but it's the same principle. Over time hardware will get better and games get better to match it and don't play well on older hardware.
    I do think many developers will try to make their games work on all three iPhones but I also think many developers (specifically high price 3d games) will embrace the new technology
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    Hmmm....a similar topic was discussed another thread yesterday.

    This topic is similar to the video games market in some ways, but not in others.

    The difference is; Apple release a new iPhone/iPod Touch every year. You can't expect to make a large profit off of a small group of consumers. To create a game that will only work with the 3GS will essentially be eliminating a potential 40,000,000 consumer base, just not smart.

    So sure, the 3GS is capable of better graphics, but I doubt we'll see it in action until the next iPhone comes out and more users have the better technology. Sure there will be an app here or there, but if a developer wants to make a "killer app" and make a large profit, they'll need to hit the largest possible consumer base.

    Another fact to consider, is that the iPhone is getting into the real video games market. It's no longer in the home-made joe schmo with a computer makes a game market. These games will start costing studios more and more money to make. Not sure how much you guys pay attention to the video games market but games for the 360/PS3 have hit over $20 million in development costs. Now the iPhone is no ways near those numbers but without a doubt it is costing developers more time and money to make games that will take advantage of the latest hardware. So it is imperative that they make their development costs back, and then some.

    I'll say this, if you want the iPhone to become a true gaming platform you have to prepare yourself for what comes with that. Most notably higher prices and longer development times.
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