iPhone 3GS woes continue

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by harmonica01, Jan 20, 2010.

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    Dear Apple,

    My gps does not work, but doesn't make me eligible for warranty repair/replacement in Houston.

    After last OS update, the cord that came with the 3gs phone has two issues.
    1. If I connect the usb cable directly to my macbook, it will charge, but give me an error: OxE800006B in iTunes and not backup with iPhoto either.
    2. If I run the cable from my USB hub as I have been doing successfully, it will not charge device saying (this is not a supported device) but it will backup data onto itunes and iphoto.

    Utter nonsense, I really think the 3gs iphone is the worst apple product I ever bought. How they can go in and tell a cable whether or not to accept even a powered hub was dumb enough, but now that it's acting up when connecting directly to my macbook is ridiculous.

    Response from 800-myapple line is to stop using 3rd party USB hubs (does apple even make one? NO) and that the hub has somehow made the phone believe it is not using an authentic apple usb cable. Makes no sense to me either. For shame. Are such cases going to become more common as southeast Asia takes over apple's production? Saving money with cheaper parts and assembly and still charging more for products? I have no problem paying Apple's fees for products as up until now I have had only nominal problems, and those were fixed quickly with warranties. I just don't get why I am having such a hard time with a simple little phone.
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    +1 to that. I've had a slight GPS issue with mine being off by a good distance (perhaps half a mile), but I'm wary of getting a replacement and having some other issue with the new one.
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    Because it wouldn't even load the map, total nonsense that in itself should show it was having issues. What tech did was reinitialize it from my laptop's backup which is where the new problems originated. I don't get it, I take good care of my electronics, this just one phone keeps letting me down. Mac haters dont come in here and try to generalize my problems. I just fear apple is losing quality over the years I've been with them (128k and SE still in attic to give ya an idea).

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