iPhone 3gs wont activate

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    Oct 7, 2012
    The iPhone 3GS I'm using was unlocked by AT&T and was being used abroad. It bought if off someone then tried to update it to iOs6 not knowing that it was jailbroken.

    Now i'm stuck in the activation setup and it wont let me activate possibly because the phone wont pick up any signal. I checked the IMEI online and it's listed as 'SIM locked'.

    Another issue was that the IMEI begins in '00' when I know a normal IMEI begins in '01'.

    What can i do to fix this?
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    You probably answered your own question.

    You need an signal if you want to register on the iPhone, or go into iTunes and do it there.
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    Try to hacktivate.
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    Best way to activate the iphone when it says insert sim no pin lock

    I had a similar problem with my 3gs the best thing to do is simply borrow a freinds at&t sim or tmobile in the uk the key to making it work is the sim you activate the iphone with has to be a contract not prepaid sim press home button and pwer button it will turn off keep holding the home button for another ten seconds it will go i nto dfu mode , now insert your usb to a laptop with an updated itunes on it will now start to regognize the iphone with the new sim in , it will say owners iphone now and it will sync and activate once completed about three to four minutes reboot your iphone using the power and home button holding down till it goes off it will rboot and then replace your old sim and give back the freinds contract yours should work:D again now just resync it and backup or restore if you have a a back up available this has worked for me every time most factory reset phones are at&t or in uk tmobile .

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