iPhone 3gs won't turn on!!! :(((

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    Nov 26, 2010
    Well here is how it all happened. I was in my car using the Belkin Tunebase FM transmitter with an iPod when my iPhone notified me that it's low on battery. So I swapped out the iPod with the iPhone so it could charge and play my tunes simultaneously. But after 5 seconds on the thing, the phone went white and then shut off completely. So I thought the tunebase didn't charge the phone and it went off by itself.

    When I got home, I plugged in the iPhone charger and when I tried to turn it on after 30 minutes of charging it won't turn on. So I tried pressing and holding the wake and home button simultaneously for the reset but nothing happens. I also connected the phone to my pc with itunes on and nothing was detected.

    The only thing I noticed when I was charging the phone, is that it was fairly warm when I left it charge for an hour or so. Not super hot, just warm. Could it be the battery problem or did the board inside just went boom?

    No smoke, fire, sparks or anything when it went off. :S

    My phone is only 6 months old, does the warranty cover such damage?

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    Yes, sounds like your iphone got fried by that FM transmitter you were using in your car.
    Applecare will replace it though since you're still under warranty.
    Bring it to Apple or call up applecare.

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