iPhone 3s Freezes

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    Aug 16, 2011

    In the past day I have experienced various stages of freezing with my iphone 3gs, at first it was operational but would freeze in program, then after sitting for a while, now when I restart it will be active for about 3 seconds before freezing. So typically it will get to the initial unlock screen and then freeze. If I move quickly it can just get it unlocked before it freezes.

    If I hard or soft restart it, same issue. I haven't been able to advance past the initial start and few seconds before it freezes. I've upgraded the software, Ive restored it orignially (all while screen is frozen). Ive been able to quickly get to voice command and issue a command (ex call X and the call will go through to that phone, but you cant hear or speak out the calling phone..but the phone it calls will say call is active). Any suggestions, I can't get into the phone to settings to try some of the tricks Ive read about. I'd appreciate any help.
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