iPhone 4/4S vs iPhone X (especially the design)

Which iphone do you like more ?

  • iPhone 4/4S

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • iPhone X

    Votes: 7 77.8%

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Oct 24, 2017
Okay, we are already mess up in an iPhone X "warfare", so congratulation for you that successfully pre-ordered, especially that got shipment/pickup at 3/11 :).

Okay, so the iphone x has a same materials as iphone 5-6 years ago (nostalgic), with stainless steel border (although the x has a glossy one), and of course, the glass front and back. They even has a same colour choices (black/space gray & white/silver).

(I don't know why I really like to look at the white back side on both phones, not the front :D).

So, which one do you prefer ? Just let me know ;)


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Feb 12, 2012
I continuously say I would go back to a 4S in a heartbeat if it had LTE. I have been waiting for another glass version to come back because I think while more fragile, it is a nicer more rich design. It will scratch like hell, but will hide it in white I think


Oct 16, 2017

The one in the middle.

^ The lack of polished chamfered edges emulates the 4s design.

Will never like glass rears.

1. 5s (space gray or silver)
2. SE (space gray or silver)
3. 5 (slate)
4. 2G

5. 4s (black)
6. 4 (black)
7. 7 (matte black)
8. 8 Plus (silver) or X (silver)

Prefer black fronts on iPhones though. The fourth generation design of the X will get better by 2019. Note8 and V30 looks better than the current X.


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Jan 27, 2011
I hated the white iPhone 4. Loved the black one quite a bit.

This time it’s the opposite. The black iPhone X looks very underwhelming to me, and the white looks fantastic. Super classy.


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Sep 15, 2007
I consider the iPhone 4/4s one of the best, if not the best iPhone design, so I was thrilled that the X and the 8 were going back to the glass front/back style. The 8 doesn’t look quite as nice and clean as the 4/4S, but it does look good. Adding the stainless steel band plus lack of bezels will make it even better. I will reserve judgement until I feel/hold the phone though.


Oct 16, 2017
It's a no-brainer for me when I don't like ugly camera humps.

Generation 1 (2007-2009)
Generation 2 (2010-2013)
Generation 3 (2014-2017)
Generation 4 (2017-2021?)

Metal to plastic
Glass to metal
Metal to glass
Glass to..still glass for wireless charging?

Generation 2 was the best era for iPhone with the most robust and useful features still being used like iMessages and FaceTime. Was on pre-iOS7 for three of those years. The iPhone 4 series was later refined by the 5 series (sans 5c).

The 4th gen feature set will grow but right now only Face ID, OLED, gesture controls, and not much difference from the 8 Plus internally. It's like the iPhone 4 and 6 being a first gen of a new revamp.

Will age just as long as a $200 cheaper 8+. The gap between them is only incremental if you don't judge tech by exterior shells that can be bought in the streets of China for very little.

You will be surprised how cheap it is to buy an exterior shell in China. Be enlightened...