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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jamescwarren, Aug 17, 2010.

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    I've been having battery problems with my iPhone 4, where about every 4 hours the battery will drop about 8% while in standby, with no push or email checking etc... turned on. I phoned Applecare and they are sending me a new iPhone 4 under the advanced replacement service. When I asked the man I was talking to if the iPhone would be new or a refurb, he told me that many replacement 3GSs were refurbs, but since the iPhone 4 is so new, it would be new. It's not that I don't trust Apple, but I want to make sure that I'm still getting the new phone I paid for. Is there any way to tell if the phone I get is a refurb? Serial numbers or anything? Thanks :)
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    I THINK (take it with a grain of salt) that refurbs start with 5K as their serial no.
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    Refurbs from Apple are usually as good if not better than brand new units. They go through a lot more testing and quality analysis than the new stuff, so even if it is a refurb, if it's working better than your old one, what's the problem?
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    I'd rather get a refurb.. at least I know everything has been checked thoroughly.. and just because it is called a refurb doesn't mean it will look like a piece of **** - I am sure it looks brand new.
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    Supposibally, according to Apple Store management.. generally the only thing kept in a "refurbished" model is the circuit board, and everything else is replaced with brand new parts (ie: front/back/antennae).
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    Regarding your battery drain problem: I had this problem on my iPhone 4 when my GPS program (Co-pilot NA) continued running in background with iOS 4. My solution was to remove the program from the multitasking tray when Not in use. I believe that many apps that have not been updated for iOS 4 will continue to run in background, consuming battery power, after you think they have been closed. I'm sure others on this site know more about this topic and can add or clarify my observations.

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