Iphone 4 after unlock

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    Sep 8, 2012
    Hi Guys

    It's a long story but please try and help me :)

    my brother bought me iPhone 4 in the east and it was locked to at&t for the past 2 years (used ultrasn0w with lower baseband)
    yesterday i paid someone in ebay and got the unlock on itunes (with the message and all).

    today i deleted my ultrasn0w and deactivated the device by using redsn0w.
    the message of the unlock pop up in the itunes and now i'm without ultrasn0w (for what i know) or any other unlock helper and i can see my carrier !
    It has low signal but i can communicate with calls. some things still dosen't work right like whatsapp push.

    So i decided i want to restore my phone and check if it's all alright.

    I took iOS 5.0.1 and 5.1.1 ipsw and preserved the baseband with redsnow. I am unable to restore my iphone to custom IPSW right now because of errors like 1601 1602.

    I also tried iReb to help me get it into DFU mode but the itunes stuck at "verifying with apple"

    Any suggestions on how to check it all works ? I don't trust it right now and i don't want to have an iPod of my iPhone 4.
  2. midtownhd macrumors member

    Jun 25, 2012
    The unlock should be permanent, so no need to preserve baseband anymore. Try just restoring straight from apple/iTunes.
  3. 1member1 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Sep 8, 2012
    I'm afraid :D I did save my modem baseband for 2 years now.
    If i won't find any solution by tomorrow i'll just restore :()
  4. 1member1 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Sep 8, 2012
    Well I took the risk and it works !

    i want to recommend unlockfusion. its 8$ on ebay and you get unlock in less than 6hrs (they say 24hrs).

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