iPhone 4 and digital AV adapter

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  1. falconfour4 macrumors newbie

    May 7, 2011
    Hi, i have an apple digital av adapter which i use with my iPad to view movies on my bedroom tv and it works flawlessly.
    Today i received my white iPhone 4 but the AV adapter does not seem to work properly, only once have i managed to get a movie to play through the tv.
    its as though the iphone does not know its plugged in.
    if i restart the phone with the adapter plugged in it works, but as soon as i remove and reinsert it wont work again.
    Has anyone else come across this or have any tips on how to get it to work every time.
    Thanks :)
  2. Pittbull76 macrumors newbie

    May 8, 2011
    iPhone 4 and digital AV adapter

    I just got the digital avi adapter and im seeing Similar problem with iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Camera roll only displays video, not still pics on the iPhone. Netflix works on both as do some other apps but it seems intermittent at best. The mirroring works well on iPad, but garage band plays audio only through iPad while displaying video on tv. I'll have to try restarting it with adapter in. Kind of a pain but hey.... If it works...
  3. Frenchjay macrumors 68000


    Jul 6, 2010
    In my experience you have to have the cable connected to the phone before you open the app you want to use Netflix, Youtube, Photo's etc.

    Plug it in whilst the phone is just at the homescreen and then try opening the desired app. :)

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