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    Mar 14, 2014
    Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone out there in the ether may be able to help with my small but frustrating problem.

    I bought an new iphone 4 recently and have to say it is a thing of beauty...most of the time! I have created several ringtones of my own, creating m4a files in Audacity and have wanted to add them to my phone. The first time I tried, I downloaded and used a free app called Ringtone maker, as recommended on Apple's website. I successfully navigated my way through online youtube instructions and managed to get 3 of the 4 I want to use. Then things ground to a halt. I converted the 4th ringtone to an m4a file and added it to my itunes library. When I then tried to use the app to transfer it over to the phone, the app would not work and just left me with a white page and nowhere to navigate to. I deleted the app 3 times and reinstalled it but to no avail. I then tried another app called Ringtone converter app for iphone. Once loaded it did the same thing and just opened a white page and noting else. What could be going wrong? Any help here would be gratefully received
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    Try a reset by holding the home button and the top button till an apple appears and then let go of both. You won't lose anything, so see if this helps. Good luck.

    To be clear on Soft reset and Hard reset:

    Soft Reset - Turn the phone off and on.

    Hard reset - Hold the home button and on button till Apple appears and let go of both.

    I recommend you try the soft and if nothing happens, do the hard reset.

    Again, you won't lose anything.
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    Mar 14, 2014
    Nothing changed

    Hi Kurios, I did as you suggested but nothing has changed. When I open the app, the app's front page asks me to pick a song, when I do this, the white screen appears and that's it. To add further frustration, when I open bluetooth on my Mac, it recognizes that my iphone is connected but will not pair up with it. It tells me the device cannot be paired as the phone does not have the right services. Any idea what this means? The phone opens with iTunes instantly it is connected with the USB, but I am unable to do anything else with it. One other thing, I want to download images off the iphone to my Mac. Looking at Youtube clips they all mention Image Capture. I don't appear to have this app. Is it supposed to be a standard part of the Iphone or do I have download it from itunes?

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