Iphone 4 Battery Immediately Dropping to 99%

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    So my problem is that each morning when I take my Iphone off of the charger, the battery percentage immediately drops to 99%, even though it says 100% and has the plug in icon on the charger itself. I charge my Iphone every night, so this may be why this is happening, but I tried hard reseting the phone by holding the home button and sleep button, and I just synchronized the battery yesterday (by completely draining and recharging) and the same thing happened to me this morning. Should I not charge every night and let it drop to say below 40% before I charge this baby? Because it seems that if I do that the dropping to 99% does not immediately happen. Any thoughts?

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    Jun 27, 2011
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    You'll find your phone does reach 100% but then stops charging till it drops off then it tops it up. If you power your phone off and charge it all night then power it on in the morning you will have your 100%
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    thats battery dying, slowly but dying

    cuz I've had mine for almost a year and it always stays at 100% for about 20 minutes using 3G youtube and ****
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    Rechargeable battery life is significantly reduced if charged to 100%. They know this so batteries are really only charged to about 90% no matter what your readout says.
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    so much false information in this thread. the reason for it is that to avoid overheating and battery damage the phone will stop charging when it reaches 100%. once it drops below a certain level it will start again till it gets full and repeats this until it is unplugged.

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