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    Jul 18, 2011
    I got my iphone in February and I keep it charged every day, but I heard that destroys the battery life in the long run. How many days is it normal to wait between charges? Or does it depend on usage? Will the battery ever die completely?

    And if I am on the 3G network should I turn that off when I don't need it? Would that make a difference?

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    Lol no one is bullying u :)
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    Are you jailbroken? If so: install sbsettings from cydia. I don't care if anything else doesn't work, sbsettings working means I'll jump to even a beta jailbreak. It's simply too convenient.

    With a swipe and tap, you can turn off 3G, wifi, location etc and more!

    Personally I have very good wifi at home, work and school. So I turn 3g on only if I am outside or commuting on bus etc. With just wifi on I get a good 1.5 days of single charge at average use. I remember one night I got 5 hours of YouTube straight and lost 61% only.

    If you dont need Internet, turning wifi off gives me 3-4 days battery, no joke.

    Turn off that battery percentage, use your phone as you want and don't charge it just because it is at 45%. The more charge cycles your battery goes through, the more it loses it's maximum capacity to hold charge. So unless you are around 10% or maybe 20% with 3G actively being used, stop the urge to charge the phone.
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    I will cosign to that. Turning off the battery percentage helps me not be paranoid about battery life and enjoy the iPhone to its full potential. I'd recommend everyone do this. I think I'm going to do the same with my iPad. It's nice to know exactly how much is available in the battery, but the icon does it just as nicely and fall I really need is the 20% warning alert to make me charge it up!
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    The only time I ever look at the battery percentage is when I'm charging it to make sure it's at a complete 100%.
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    I've been charging my 3GS every night since I bought it and I haven't experienced a dramatic drop in the battery life yet. Note that it is approaching 2 years of age next month so these batteries do last.

    It is advisable to let the battery drain to nothing each month for it to replenish its cycle, but personally I haven't done that before and it runs just fine.

    Like most things, the battery will eventually die but that won't happen anytime soon unless you dunk it in a bucket of water of course. :p

    I don't find any difference between having the 3G on or off but it does preserve the battery life of your phone if it is turned off. Note that the iPhone automatically switches to WiFi by default if it detects a unsecured WiFi network in your vicinity. Other than that I believe you should just keep 3G on.

    Hope that helps. :)
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    I echo that. I also think that letting the battery drain to zero every month or two helps to keep the battery life indicators accurate.
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    Too late, the dumb is out of the bag.
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    good points. thanks!
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    Jul 18, 2011
    Great point about letting it drain per month, I definitely heard that somewhere. Also, playing games greatly reduces battery life, so I don't think that's a problem for you. Good job keeping it up for two years!

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