iPhone 4 battery problem!

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    Well friends, brothers and sisters, it seems to me like I never have had any luck with Apple Products and their battery life. My Macbook Pro has had to get it's battery replaced twice in less than 2 years. My 2nd gen iPod touchs battery lasts me about only half a day just listening music, and now, my first ever iPhone, an iPhone 4, is giving me the same luck. I bought it on launch day so I have had for almost 5 months now. So I have been having this problem for about a month now. I have tried to power cycle or hard reset, calibrate the battery but to no avail. In the first month of owning my iPhone I was impressed with the battery life, because it was really long! At 100% it would take like 40 minutes for it to go down to 99% just listening to Pandora Radio... and the remaining %s like 10 minutes to go down 1 by 1. But My Battery at 100% only lasts like 4 minutes which is supposed to be the longest lasting percentage.The remaining percentages only lasts like 2 minutes! When I sleep at night I leave it at 100% but when I wake up after 6 hours of sleep it's in 98%... before that didn't happen... and it's suppose to be able to last 300 hours in standby mode.! It is running on the latest firmware 4.1! I don't even have a case for it so heat is not a problem. And I'm in a cold region in California so that isn't a problem either! Will I have to buy a new iPhone? Will I have to pay for a new battery? I did, once however restore my iPhone 4 and restore it from a backup from the same iPhone 4... don't know if that's an issue. Please please help! Thanks!
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    Any GPS or applications running in the background?
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    Nope. Sorry I forgot to mention that. I have location services off, push off, fetch data off, notifications off and bluetooth off. Brightness is on auto
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    I'm having this same exact issue. Mine began early this week, I noticed my phone was very warm in my pocket and is now getting worse daily.

    I did a complete restore, last night to no avail. The only new program I have is the Facebook update. I removed that last night as well - but, it didn't help.

    Today, the phone was fully charged at 7a, by 9:30a it was at 70%. Wifi off, BT off, Emails set to sync every 30-minutes, not a text or a phone call.

    I can literally read one email and watch the battery drop 2%! :eek: I've had my i4 since the release day without any issues. This is all very odd.

    I called Apple support and they offered to send me a replacement and I can send mine back. My phone is in immaculate condition, I hope I don't get some beater refurb.
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    Thanks for your response!
    I called Apple and since I don't have Applecare... I have an appointment at my local Apple Store tomorrow... hopefully I can get a Replacement with a NEW iPhone or a fix to the battery... I really depend on my iPhone so hopefully a fix tomorrow!
  6. idaytrip, Nov 10, 2010
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    New Fast Battery Drain

    My Iphone 4 just started having a fast battery drain problem starting over the weekend (Nov 6th 2010). Before that, the phone would easily last a day and a half with heavy use. Now in the morning after charging overnight the battery is down to 75% after just reading email & news over breakfast. I have restored the phone (and restored apps from backup). With the same results.

    I guess the next step would be to restore the phone as new (and not restore apps).

    Any other ideas?

    **** Update ****

    My company changed the ssl cert from self signed to a registered ssl cert. Using the iPhone Configuration Utility I could see that the phone was in a loop with ActiveSync. After uninstall/reinstall Exchange mail account, batt has remained at 93% for the last 2 hours.


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