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Sep 22, 2012
Keep in mind that this phone has given me 0 problems prior to this upgrade and it I've never tried to jailbreak it.

How the phone was upgraded:
While connected to my WiFi - Setting / General / Software Update
After about an hour the phone rebooted and came up with the USB cable iTunes logo.

When I connected the phone to the computer iTunes popped up saying, "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes". I clicked the restore option, the system downloaded the IOS 6 source file and ran through the upgrade again. Towards the end of the process during the "Restoring iPhone firmware"the restore fails. The phone goes back to the USB cable / iTunes logo.

I placed the phone in DFU mode and received the same results.
Putting your iPhone in DFU mode: Hold down the Home button with the Standby button for 10 seconds, continue holding down the Home button and release the Standby button for another 10 seconds. Tip: Use a clock to track your time. You can tell if you're in DFU mode if the screen is blank.

I then downloaded Tiny Umbrella to try and exit the Recovery mode. This failed too.

Took the phone to my local Verizon store to see if they could fix it and they ran into the same problem I did.

I contacted Apple support and they had me walk through another failed upgrade attempt. I was then sent to tier 2 support. Level 2 support had me send my installation logs to them. These files can be found (Winodws 7) C:\Users\"USER LOGGED IN AS"\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Updater Logs. What you need to do is open the latest log file in that directory and search for 1004. If you find this you'll need to send your phone to Apple to repair or replace.

unable to convert ramrod error 1004
restore failed with CFError:

I was lucky in the fact that my phone is still under warranty. I was told that if my phone was not under warranty it would cost me $149.00 to get it fixed. Anyone else see a problem with that? They push an upgrade to my phone and break it. They know the upgrade broke it, but I'd have to pay to get it fixed. Lucky I didn't have to worry about that.


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Jul 20, 2011
I can't help with your problems, but I would think Apple would have to fix the issue since their software caused it.

I have a 4+ year old laptop (out of warranty for over a year) and when there was a problem after install Mountain Lion, I called them up and then brought it into the store to be fixed. Even though it was out of warranty, I told them that the problem was because of the software I purchased from them within the pst 30 days and was thus covered by their guarantee. I had zero problems with the customer service and my laptop was fine again the next day after leaving it at the store overnight.

I guess if you're polite and make sure to mention (just once) that the problem was because of something they did and not something you did they might fix it for you even if the original product is out of warranty.
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