iPhone 4 calendar events don't post, just disappear

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    Mar 3, 2013
    Hello. I have an iPhone 4 and I am just trying to post events on my iPhone calendar. No fancy synchronizing or anything, I just want to get it on the basic phone calendar. But after I enter all my event info in the "Add Event" page, and hit the "done" button at the top right, it takes me back to the current monthly calendar with no dot on the day and no information below the calendar when the event day is highlighted. I even did a test run to see if it would at least send me an alert and it didn't. Ive used the Calendar's Events feature before with no problems, but now it won't work. How to fix?
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    Mar 3, 2013
    Update- problem solved by deleting apps

    Hello. Nobody replied to this before I solved the problem, but for posterity I'll mention this in case it can be of help to anyone in the future.:)

    The problem dated back to way before the calendar problem. I could not take new photos, even if deleted some in storage because I was running out of disk space. Then my Notes stopped saving. Then I couldn't download apps because I was running out of disk space. It all culminated yesterday in my Calendar events not being saved, not able to delete, add, or modify contacts, unable to send, receive, or delete texts. I kept getting banners popping up any time I tried to do anything, telling me I was running out of disk space. So i thought today, "forget it, I'm just going to delete all non-essential apps and see if this stupid banner stops ruining everything." I deleted at least 10 apps, and when I was done, everything on my phone worked perfectly.

    ADD version:
    If youre phone is acting goofy, and you keep getting notices that you're running out of disk space, try deleting a LOT of stuff and that might fix the problem.

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